Why am I depressed?

Some days, for absolutely no reason at all, we can just wake up depressed! This has happened to me numerous times in my life and even though I know that it will pass, it still makes me angry.   This morning was one of those days. I had a great day yesterday, at the beach, nice dinner, etc and went to bed happy.   By 5 am I was awake with the usual anxiety and by the time I got out of bed, was feeling depressed. Not excessively, but just an underlying current of depression.   What causes this? I hate to say it but I have no professional idea. I do, however have a personal idea. When you are a depressive person and have a good day, your brain automatically seeks to go back to its comfort zone, where you are unhappy.  The reason I think this is because if I move around, make myself do stuff and get my mind off it, it seems to lessen. If, on the other hand, I spend time dwelling on it, then it gets worse and becomes a “thing”.    Bottom line, we are what we think!  Another Master Key System bit of knowledge.

If you want to change your day, then change your thoughts. Make yourself change your thoughts and don’t let the other thoughts sneakily creep back in there because your thoughts are what your day will be!  Think about that for a bit and let it sink in!