Keep on chugging along

Okay, life does not just stop and let you lounge around take it easy. I think many of us tend to think, “If we just had more money.” or “If we just did this or that.” then everything would be better forever. Not happening! No matter what you do in life, whether you constantly monitor your thoughts, your words, your food intake, life still happens and you need to deal with it.

So how does one deal with surprises and unexpected events. Well, first you need to decide on a scale of 1-10 how you are actually affected by whatever has happened. Obviously a death of a close person or animal is more than likely a 10, whereas your newly painted fingernail falling off might be a 1! Once you have given your event a # then you need to apply the previously thought out amount of effort into that event and move on.   If you apply a 10 to something, then it is a major event and it will take a major effort and amount of time to get through it, but you can if you keep yourself intact.

Let’s go back to the fingernail event. Say you just broke part of your nail  and you just had your nails done because you are going somewhere important. This could almost be a #2 in the realm of things!! However, in the scheme of life, it really is a – 5!!!!   Losing a nail is not usually something you are even going to remember, unless of course the whole nail came off and then you are probably up to an 8!

My point here is to make a list 1-10 and then label each number with your assessment of what effort, thought and time you can alot to that number. Then when an event comes up that you were unprepared for you can simply check your list and pick a number that you think is appropriate and go from there.

Heres’s a sample

  1. Passing thought, move on
  2. Think, question, then move on
  3. Think, question, think, then move on
  4. Think, question, add a minute or two, think, then move on
  5. Think, question, add a half hour, think, then move on
  6. Think, question, add an hour, think, then move on
  7. Think, question, add a half day, think, then move on
  8. Think, question, add a day, think, then move on
  9. Think, question, add a week, think, then move on
  10. Think, question, think, add as much time as you think you need, think and then move on

You will notice that all the above have questions. This means that when something happens to you or around you that is upsetting, you first Think about it. Second, question what it means to you and/or your close people. Third give it a time frame that you feel you can feasibly spend on this thought of whatever happened (pick a number). Then rethink a solution, or if there is no working solution, you may have to give it a higher number, but in the end everything has a solution so you need to MOVE ON!

It’s important to realize that there IS a solution to everything. The solution may not be what you prefer, or you may not see the solution immediately. Sometimes, if you do not come up with the solution, you still need to move on and trust that the solution will appear to you when needed.

The whole point is to not stress about daily living. Just keep on chugging along and let the Universe seep in. Accept what you have in life and try to make yourself happy with your living situation, keeping in mind that Everything Changes!

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