How to live stress free

I figured this would be a catchy title for a new blog post. In all actuality there are lots of online remedies for living a stress free life. Of course, everyone is in a different position with different perceptions so this will only cover the absolute basics for the moment.

  • First, stop everything to read this post
  • Second pay attention to your surroundings, are you at a desk, in a living room, in a car, in an office waiting for someone?
  • Third, contemplate why you zeroed in on this post. Are you feeling stressed?

First, there is no such thing as a stress free life. Even if you master all the points I am about to make, you will have “outside influences”. These influences can take many forms, be it children, husbands, wives, doctors, jobs, weather, financial difficulties, health, family. The list is endless.

The only way to actually be able to live without constant stress is to manage your actual thinking. Change your perceptions and change your expectations!

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, but not exactly in the way I see it portrayed on so many websites and in millions of books, so by changing your expectations I am not saying to not envision the life you always wanted. What I mean is to put out there what you want, but accept what you get, always striving for more but having gratitude for what you have.   It might not be too far from the truth to think that some LOA writers have simply changed their lives by actually writing about it!

Changing your perceptions is a little different. You will need to make a concious effort to tell yourself things that you think you already know are not correct!

For Instance, we all have ingrained ideas from childhood. Some we do not even realize. These ideas immediately cause us to make judgements. We see a person and make a judgement, subconciously!  That person is young, happy, old, tired, mean, friendly, poor. The list goes on. Maybe they simply look something like someone we had an issue with years ago, but our subconcious automatically puts us on alert!   Or conversely, they look like someone we really cared for and our subconcious makes us feel favorable torwards them, automatically endowing them with characteristics.   Ask yourself, when you meet someone new, why you have immediate reactions to people and try to remove those feelings.

This is the first in a full series.  Keep reading!

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