A couple of days in the life

Last few weeks have been totally depressing and disheartening to say the least! Things that came “out of the blue” and just daily struggles to make ends meet keep happening.  One day at a time is fine when you only have a few bad days, but weeks and weeks of bombardment can be harrowing. Am still clinging to the Master Key System, which is basically Change your thoughts thinking.  This, after bad thinking lol!   All these ideas about money! Money can’t buy happiness! No, that is true, there are people who have millions and are still unhappy. But we are talking about an average everyday person here, who could seriously use a small windfall to get through the days without feeling like she’s on a treadmill to nowhere!

Maybe I will set up a GoFund me account. But you have to be seriously maimed or dying to get any help. Even I wouldn’t donate to an upper midlife lady who is just really really tired!   So need to get off my butt and kick some ass.   Does it ever end?   I have children and grandchildren who really have no idea of the struggle it is just to exist and keep working.  When one is younger, there is hope and confidence, when one is older there is resignation and despair!   What is the answer?   Keep on keeping on, look up and keep smiling. What else can you do, really?

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