I’m back for a moment

So it’s been really a long time since I’ve actually posted. I just reread my last post and boy were they depressing. So quick update, I have been actively listening to and reading Abraham Hicks. Actually it is Esther Hicks that speaks through Abraham Hicks and that does sound weird even to me, however the thought processes that she talks about have really helped in day-to-day life. And that’s really what it’s all about. Getting through your life.. 

A couple of days in the life

Last few weeks have been totally depressing and disheartening to say the least! Things that came “out of the blue” and just daily struggles to make ends meet keep happening.  One day at a time is fine when you only have a few bad days, but weeks and weeks of bombardment can be harrowing. Am still clinging to the Master Key System, which is basically Change your thoughts thinking.  This, after bad thinking lol!   All these ideas about money! Money can’t buy happiness! No, that is true, there are people who have millions and are still unhappy. But we are talking about an average everyday person here, who could seriously use a small windfall to get through the days without feeling like she’s on a treadmill to nowhere!

Maybe I will set up a GoFund me account. But you have to be seriously maimed or dying to get any help. Even I wouldn’t donate to an upper midlife lady who is just really really tired!   So need to get off my butt and kick some ass.   Does it ever end?   I have children and grandchildren who really have no idea of the struggle it is just to exist and keep working.  When one is younger, there is hope and confidence, when one is older there is resignation and despair!   What is the answer?   Keep on keeping on, look up and keep smiling. What else can you do, really?

Keep on chugging along

Okay, life does not just stop and let you lounge around take it easy. I think many of us tend to think, “If we just had more money.” or “If we just did this or that.” then everything would be better forever. Not happening! No matter what you do in life, whether you constantly monitor your thoughts, your words, your food intake, life still happens and you need to deal with it.

So how does one deal with surprises and unexpected events. Well, first you need to decide on a scale of 1-10 how you are actually affected by whatever has happened. Obviously a death of a close person or animal is more than likely a 10, whereas your newly painted fingernail falling off might be a 1! Once you have given your event a # then you need to apply the previously thought out amount of effort into that event and move on.   If you apply a 10 to something, then it is a major event and it will take a major effort and amount of time to get through it, but you can if you keep yourself intact.

Let’s go back to the fingernail event. Say you just broke part of your nail  and you just had your nails done because you are going somewhere important. This could almost be a #2 in the realm of things!! However, in the scheme of life, it really is a – 5!!!!   Losing a nail is not usually something you are even going to remember, unless of course the whole nail came off and then you are probably up to an 8!

My point here is to make a list 1-10 and then label each number with your assessment of what effort, thought and time you can alot to that number. Then when an event comes up that you were unprepared for you can simply check your list and pick a number that you think is appropriate and go from there.

Heres’s a sample

  1. Passing thought, move on
  2. Think, question, then move on
  3. Think, question, think, then move on
  4. Think, question, add a minute or two, think, then move on
  5. Think, question, add a half hour, think, then move on
  6. Think, question, add an hour, think, then move on
  7. Think, question, add a half day, think, then move on
  8. Think, question, add a day, think, then move on
  9. Think, question, add a week, think, then move on
  10. Think, question, think, add as much time as you think you need, think and then move on

You will notice that all the above have questions. This means that when something happens to you or around you that is upsetting, you first Think about it. Second, question what it means to you and/or your close people. Third give it a time frame that you feel you can feasibly spend on this thought of whatever happened (pick a number). Then rethink a solution, or if there is no working solution, you may have to give it a higher number, but in the end everything has a solution so you need to MOVE ON!

It’s important to realize that there IS a solution to everything. The solution may not be what you prefer, or you may not see the solution immediately. Sometimes, if you do not come up with the solution, you still need to move on and trust that the solution will appear to you when needed.

The whole point is to not stress about daily living. Just keep on chugging along and let the Universe seep in. Accept what you have in life and try to make yourself happy with your living situation, keeping in mind that Everything Changes!

Why am I depressed?

Some days, for absolutely no reason at all, we can just wake up depressed! This has happened to me numerous times in my life and even though I know that it will pass, it still makes me angry.   This morning was one of those days. I had a great day yesterday, at the beach, nice dinner, etc and went to bed happy.   By 5 am I was awake with the usual anxiety and by the time I got out of bed, was feeling depressed. Not excessively, but just an underlying current of depression.   What causes this? I hate to say it but I have no professional idea. I do, however have a personal idea. When you are a depressive person and have a good day, your brain automatically seeks to go back to its comfort zone, where you are unhappy.  The reason I think this is because if I move around, make myself do stuff and get my mind off it, it seems to lessen. If, on the other hand, I spend time dwelling on it, then it gets worse and becomes a “thing”.    Bottom line, we are what we think!  Another Master Key System bit of knowledge.

If you want to change your day, then change your thoughts. Make yourself change your thoughts and don’t let the other thoughts sneakily creep back in there because your thoughts are what your day will be!  Think about that for a bit and let it sink in!

Second day of blogging

So today I spent about two hours reading all kinds of blogs and what they do or suggest doing about monetizing a blog.   First I haven’t even finished getting my blog noticed. I figure I will get a Twitter account, then Facebook, maybe a Linkedin. I already have these accounts and some pages going but under my Real Estate business so this will be somewhat of a learning curve. Then I will need to figure out the best way to monetize. There are numerous ads that I really don’t like, a few Affiliate programs, which don’t look too bad and then the ebook. Which of course, only helps if you have actually written an ebook!   I am not really excited about putting a pile of ads for no reason on my blog, so I guess I will have to research this area a little more. If you think you are going to set up a blog and get it monetized immediately, you might want to think a little more.  If you have something to actually sell, ie, an actual product, like a book, or an app, then it should (in my opinion) be pretty easy. Just start your blog, spend some time outlining what you are selling and link to your product.

This blog is not really something I can sell. This is simply general information about living life and some of the things I have encountered that I really wish someone had mentioned to me when I was younger! So in the interest of actual blogging, I will continue to update you on how to get this blog going.  I have already posted about my initial experiences in setting up the blog.   Now I am trying to tweak the appearance. One thing I have found is that even though it’s fun to put unusual background colors in your blog, the one constant of all the other blogs I have been reading was that they had White backgrounds. I’m sure there is a good reason, so I am going with white for the time being. Probably easier to read, but not as attractive. Now I have to figure out how to put Paypal on this blog.  Yes, I already have a paypal account, but not sure if I can use it for this. Will let you know after I figure it out. I just want to add that I do tons of Research when I am interested in something and Nowhere have I found answers to the basic of questions!!!   Obviously this is something I will be able to write about. After I figure it all out!

How to live stress free

I figured this would be a catchy title for a new blog post. In all actuality there are lots of online remedies for living a stress free life. Of course, everyone is in a different position with different perceptions so this will only cover the absolute basics for the moment.

  • First, stop everything to read this post
  • Second pay attention to your surroundings, are you at a desk, in a living room, in a car, in an office waiting for someone?
  • Third, contemplate why you zeroed in on this post. Are you feeling stressed?

First, there is no such thing as a stress free life. Even if you master all the points I am about to make, you will have “outside influences”. These influences can take many forms, be it children, husbands, wives, doctors, jobs, weather, financial difficulties, health, family. The list is endless.

The only way to actually be able to live without constant stress is to manage your actual thinking. Change your perceptions and change your expectations!

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, but not exactly in the way I see it portrayed on so many websites and in millions of books, so by changing your expectations I am not saying to not envision the life you always wanted. What I mean is to put out there what you want, but accept what you get, always striving for more but having gratitude for what you have.   It might not be too far from the truth to think that some LOA writers have simply changed their lives by actually writing about it!

Changing your perceptions is a little different. You will need to make a concious effort to tell yourself things that you think you already know are not correct!

For Instance, we all have ingrained ideas from childhood. Some we do not even realize. These ideas immediately cause us to make judgements. We see a person and make a judgement, subconciously!  That person is young, happy, old, tired, mean, friendly, poor. The list goes on. Maybe they simply look something like someone we had an issue with years ago, but our subconcious automatically puts us on alert!   Or conversely, they look like someone we really cared for and our subconcious makes us feel favorable torwards them, automatically endowing them with characteristics.   Ask yourself, when you meet someone new, why you have immediate reactions to people and try to remove those feelings.

This is the first in a full series.  Keep reading!

How to start a blog

This is actually my first blogpost on this subject. I was reading another blog and thought I would follow what sounded like very simple instructions.  Well I am here to tell you that if you do not normally use social media or websites, it is not simple!   Yes, there are tons of tutuorials and help pages, but you actually need to be reading and studying everything before you actually publish. I will keep you updated on my trials and tribulalations.   The first thing I did was write down a ton of possible names for my blog. Not one of them was available so I took the advice of the last blogger I had read and added “blog” to the name I liked the best. Hence the Everythingchangesblog has come into being..somewhat. Then I went to GoDaddy (as per her instructions) using the link from her blog and ordered my domain name plus a deluxe wordpress and hosting.

My first problem. Since I ordered the wordpress deluxe and it goes to a temporary dns which is not really published under my domain name, I need to figure it out. If you are reading this, it means I finally figured it out and I will post what I did in my final blog instructions.  I also see, under the main dashboard, another place to download a wordpress blog…Arrrghh. I will come back later with an answer and then continue.

Okay, here is what the problem was. I ordered a Deluxe Word Press and also hosting thinking that my blog would be hosted. But what happened was I had two separate things going! Had to call GoDaddy at 480-505-8859 who explained and fixed it in under 5 minutes!   That is great customer service! And I do not feel as dumb as I had been feeling for a couple of weeks  This almost made me stop doing this blog.  Now I have a Deluxe Hosted Word Press blog, which was my original intention!

So now I am set up to just use a theme, which I found by googling around. There are millions of themes.  For the beginning, I would suggest just picking one that appeals to you. You can always change it later.   Then you have the option of customizng your site.  Do you want a Calendar, pages itemized, SEO possibilities? Again, if you go to Appearance on the side panel, you can add themes, upload zillions of widgets (I suggest researching them first) and make your blog look the way you want. I am going to keep this blog simple for now. I will be back.